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Essential-ly Bracelets was started by Kendra Keels as a way of creating relaxation in her life by designing aromatherapy healing jewelry.

In this day and age of constant activity Kendra was looking for a way to slow down yet remain productive.  With a passion for rocks and a love for jewelry Kendra combined the two to design handcrafted bracelets and Essential-ly Bracelets was born.

With help from family and friends this adventure has evolved into exciting opportunities where every day new ideas are developed.

Each bracelet is designed with lava stones (which are porous and absorbs the essential oil to diffuse throughout the day) and healing stones, which help overcome issues like anxiety, stress or to be more grounded and calm.  Each stone has a different healing property to help people overcome everyday challenges.

What started out as a way to bring relaxation to Kendra’s life has brought many additional benefits like the many people who have been helped by the positive energy the bracelets provide.

Kendra loves the feedback sent to her from people who have purchased bracelets, there are countless positive stories.  Even if you don’t believe in the energy of the stones or the use of essential oils the bracelet is a reminder to slow down, take a deep breath and everything will be alright!

Kendra, her husband Colin and two daughters Megan and Madison live in Troy (10min East of Cambridge, ON) with their dog Diesel and three cats Citrine, Topaz and Mica.

Kendra Keels can be reached at essentiallybracelets2017@gmail.com.  Be sure to like us on Facebook!

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